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150 Rado remembers that long hair was" a visible form of awareness in the consciousness expansion. The longer the hair got, the more expansive the mind was. Long hair was shocking, and it was a revolutionary act to grow long hair.
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What was behind that award was that one day I had in my contract that when the studio wants to sell Hair to the network but they have to have my, you know, consent or how would they.what they do with it.
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In humans, the skin hairs lie flat in hot conditions, as the arrector pili muscles relax, preventing heat from being trapped by a layer of still air between the hairs, and increasing heat loss by convection. Another hypothesis for the thick body hair on humans proposes that Fisherian runaway sexual selection played a role as well as in the selection of long head hair, see terminal and vellus hair, as well as a much larger role of testosterone in men.

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